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Full spectrum saffron¹, 

with highest dose of active substances 

for everyone's mental health.

About Saffranum®



Saffranum®  is a full spectrum saffron with a synergistic effect in the best absorbable form, perfect as ingredient in a food supplement.
It is an ingredient rightly called the red gold:
  PURE, POWERFULL & VERIFIED . Saffron¹ has been studied mainly for its mood-related¹ effect.

  • Botanical name: Crocus Sativus

  • Family: Irisdaceae

  • Plant part: stigma (Dried orange pistils)

Used for over 4000 years as a dye, spice and medicine.

Known as the "natural lucky charm".


  • Carotenoid Crocin is a group of 6 metabolites of the Crocetin, which determines the color

  • Picrocrocins : precursor of safranal, metabolite of the carotenoid Zeastaxanthine, determine the taste

  • Safranal , determines the fragrance


These 3 substances are the most important substances for the mental health effects of the saffron.

Saffranum®, a unique quality

Saffranum contains 27% of the 3 most important active substances

Highest percentage : 

  • Safranal: >5%

  • Crocins:  > 12%

  • Picrocrocins: > 10%

Laboratory analysis University of Antwerp & University of Albacete in Spain.

  • Measured by UV spectrometry

  • ISO : 3632 Category 1

Saffronum ®  is the pure powder of the stigmas with all active ingredients, standardized on the 3 main active ingredients, but also contains all vitamins, minerals, zeasthaxine in their natural form: synergistic effect.


No extra CO² extractions have been done, so we can label Saffronum® as an ECO ingredient.


  • very safe

  • Toxic properties above 5000mg/day


  • Not to be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Hypersensitivity to saffron

Other possible uses:


  • There are studies that prove the positive effect of the scent on the mind.



  • Anti-aging

  • Anti-oxidant


Saffron & Mental Health

Not feeling well, professional fatigue, mood swings are just a few of the complaints from daily life. Mental health is important for our functioning. Saffron¹ has a beneficial effect that makes you feel more positive and with more emotional resilience¹.  Saffranum®  is therefore a unique ingredient that helps to maintain emotional balance, a positive mood and a good mood¹.

Recommended use in most studies:

30-35 mg as a daily dose for good efficacy.

Efsa pending claims for mental health:

• Saffron contributes to an emotional balance

• Saffron helps maintain a positive mood

• Saffron contributes to reduce irritability


The following effects have been scientifically proven:

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100% natural

High tolerance

Free from allergens


Full spectrum

Pesticide free

High stability

Clean label

Scientific studies

Increases the production of the neuroprotective proteins [3]

Including BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor).

Comparative studies with imipramine and fluoxetine [5] [10] [12]

Whereby Saffron has an equivalent effect. Recommended use in most studies: 30-35 mg for efficacy related to mood problems.

Sleep quality in anxiety [2]

Saffron supports good sleep quality in case of anxiety.

Strong antidepressant effect

[ 5]

By reducing oxidative stress response (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis), stimulating GABA neutotransmission and inhibiting the reuptake of neurotrasmitters, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin in the brain.

Anti-oxidant [ 11]

Neutralizes free radicals and promotes endogenous production of antioxidant enzymes. The result of the total antioxidant effect is due to the synergy between all the antioxidants of the complete powder. Saffron protects against damage in e.g. brain, eyes, heart, muscles, stomach, kidneys.

Anti-Inflammatory Factors [11]

Due to a decrease in inflammatory enzymes.

Alzheimer's [4]

Preclinical studies show that glutamate levels are lowered by saffron, overactivity of the glutamate receptors leads to neuronal damage (such as in Alzheimer's). Cognitive decline would be slowed down.

Age-related macular degeneration [6]

Saffron improves blood flow in the eye, but also protects photoreceptors and retinal ganglion cells from damage from excessive glutamate stimulation and oxidative stress. As a result, saffron protects against degenerative retinal diseases.

Beneficial for the respiratory system [7]

Preclinical research indicates that saffron may facilitate mucus coughing and relax smooth muscle tissue.

Premenstrual Syndrome [8]

Studies show that administering saffron significantly relieves symptoms.

metabolic syndrome [9]

There are scientific studies that show that saffron has a positive effect on the prevention of the metabolic syndrome. Saffron may also have the appetite suppressant effects.

Sexual dysfunction [10]

A study indicates that erectile dysfunction due to fluoxetine undergoes a positive effect through saffron supplementation.

Cardiovascular Effects [11]

Animal studies show that very high doses of saffron have a blood pressure lowering effect and protect against cardiac arrhythmias.

Cancer progression [1]

Animal and in vitro studies show that high doses of saffron have anti-carcinogenic effects due to the high content of carotenoids in saffron.

ADHD [15]

Saffron is said to be as active as methylphenidate

Other health related


Numerous positive properties have been attributed to saffron.  These may or may not be proven or under investigation.

  • These properties do not contain official health claims and are only informative.

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